Right from the get-go

It was a number of years ago that we became aware that it was no longer enough for many customers to simply receive individual parts from each supplier. Many companies have streamlined themselves and are restricting themselves more and more to their core competencies.

We see this development as an opportunity and have specifically strengthened those areas that others have moved away from.

We quickly created capabilities, within Germany as well as in other parts of Europe, to combine individual components through appropriate production processes. Today, we are able to join parts by mounting, welding, bonding, etc.

That, however, did not go far enough for us. We not only wanted to participate at the end of the processing chain, but rather wanted to be part of the process right from the get-go.

If you would like, we will support you right from the development phase of a new product. We can provide expert advice, including the preparation of technical documents (requirement specifications, drawings, etc.), produce sample pieces, implement product improvements and plan with you – if desired – the entire production process.