Die casting – Gravity die casting – Investment casting – Sand casting

Even today, the various methods of casting are still highly relevant. Together with our European production partners, we fabricate challenging components from metallic materials with complex geometries using the most modern equipment.

During the product development phase, we offer advice independent of the materials and production processes ultimately used.
We will find the optimal process for you.

Die cast parts
with a raw weight of between 5 and 3500g are produced from aluminium, zinc, magnesium and brass. This mould dependant process was developed for large (many 1000s of pieces) and very large lot sizes.
The tools (permanent moulds) are very long-lasting and designed for many hundreds of thousands of casting cycles.

Gravity die cast parts
are used in nearly all branches of industry due to their excellent characteristics. Gravity die casting can even be economical when the required number of pieces is below 1000 casts. High dimensional accuracy, exceptional surface finish quality and good contour reproduction are the hallmarks of gravity die casting. As casting materials, we process copper-zinc alloys, copper-aluminium alloys, aluminium alloys and refined zinc alloys.

Investment casting
is a precision casting technique also known as lost-wax casting. Investment casting oriented design often achieves technical solutions which would be impossible, or nearly so, by other means.

The investment casting process is characterised by nearly unlimited freedom in shaping the parts cast, practically no limitations on the choice of materials and a high level of precision and surface finish quality. Investment casting is mainly used for low per piece weights (1g to 10kg).

Sand casting
is used for the production of individual pieces, prototypes and smaller series. The forms needed are relatively inexpensive and can be quickly created and altered as needed. Multi-sided forms, complicated geometries and undercuts in technically demanding casting quality can be realised.